Hick Picks Up Tix for Voting Vics

Did you get a parking ticket when you were waiting at one of Denver’s voting centers Election Day? Send the ticket to Mayor John Hickenlooper who will pay your fine.During Election day, Hickenlooper said he visited with thousands of voters waiting in line at the polling centers. Someone complained that they had received a parking ticket and Hickenlooper offered to pay for the ticket. By the time he had reached the next center, other voters had heard about his offer and asked if he would pay their fines, too.

So, at the last Denver City Council meeting, Hickenlooper made the promise official: he would pay for all parking tickets that were signed during voting hours and issued within six blocks of a vote center–a proposal that could cost him thousands of dollars.

Mail your ticket or if you have already paid, send proof of payment and your vehicle’s license number in a letter to Mayor Hickenlooper at 1437 Bannock, Suite 350, Denver, CO 80202.