Money the Bottom Line to Snag DNC Convention

Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean met with Denver’s DNC convention host committee members while in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the Association of State Democratic Chairs this past weekend. He told the group that although Denver’s chances improved greatly with the past Democratic election successes, Dean is going to base his decision on one thing now: money.New York City and Denver are the only two cities still vying for the Democratic Convention that will be held in August of 2008. The host city for the Democratic convention will need to secure $75 to $100 million in order to win the bid. NYC Mayor Bloomberg has already stated that his fundraising efforts are failing short of this goal.

Debbie Willhite, executive director of Denver’s host committee, said they have secured millions of dollars of pledges already, including federal funds to pay for security, but they are short about $4 to $6 million. Willhite hopes to increase efforts to approach surrounding Rocky Mountain states and additional Colorado businesses for financial support.

Dean said he will make his final decision about the DNC convention location by the end of the year.