A Progressive’s Thanksgiving. Forgive me, Janis Joplin

    Oh lord, thanks for given me a Democratic win,
    My friends, most Republicans, are causing such a din,
    They fret all the Liberals have taken Washington,
    So lord, give ’em reasons to be very chagrined.

    Oh lord, won’t you find me a good president?
    The candidates so far, aren’t making much of a dent,
    They’re stuck in the past, so I’m not yet content,
    C’mon lord, can’t you find me a progressive candidate?

    Oh lord, won’t you take us the hell out of Iraq?
    Bush said it’s not Vietnam, but I remember back,
    War seemed pointless then and isn’t it still a fact,
    Oh lord, it’s ’bout money for all those big Fat Cats.


    Oh lord, since the Democrats are back into government,
    Maybe there’ll be health care and moral regiment,
    Let’s all work for peace now and save the environment,
    Any chance lord, in ’08 it’ll be Howard Dean for president?

    That’s it.

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