Denver Election Commission Needs More Money (Again)

There is another chapter being written about the Denver Election Commission’s saga of mishaps and this one will end up costing one million dollars.Denver election officials announced to the panel investigating Election Day problems at Denver vote centers and the following vote-counting process that they will need another $300,000 to $350,000 to meet unexpected expenses. This is in addition to a supplemental budget request earlier this month for $750,000. The total Denver Election Commission budget for 2006 was to be $3 million.

From the Denver Post story:

“We had been warned that more could be coming,” said Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz, who leads the council’s finance committee. “But we did not know what the amount would be.”

Denver Election Commission executive director, John Gaydeski told the Election Commission Investigative Panel that Denver’s election vendor, Sequoia Voting Systems, would pick up some of the tab but it was not clear how much.

Faatz said she is keenly interested in how much Sequoia pays because “clearly they created a number of problems.”