Hush, Hush & On The QT: Pay Up, Karl Rove!

    Note: Kim Phillips is the Northwest coordinator for the Colorado Democratic Party. While at an Aspen event this past summer, she happened to run into President Bush’s close advisor, Karl Rove. Here is her story:

    If you’ve ever been to Aspen, you know you might cross the path of a potentate, a movie star or a county commissioner in bike shoes.

    Even Karl Rove, the “Prince of Darkness.”
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    “So, Karl. We’re going to win this year,” I said, seizing my opportunity. My “” pin might have given me away at this point.

    Karl regarded me for a moment and said, “No, you’re not.”

    I smiled, fixing my eyes with his. “Oh yes, we are, Karl,” I stated firmly and in no uncertain terms.

    Karl smiled in return and asked, “Do you want to bet on that?”

    I grinned confidently. “Sure, Karl.  I’ll bet you.  I bet we will win the Congress back this year, both the House and the Senate.  What do you want to wager?”

    Then I regarded him wondering what would the Prince of Darkness bet me?  Dinner in DC?  My life? Did he know where my mother lived?

    Karl replied, “I’ll bet you $5.”

    Denouement. “Ok, Karl. Five bucks. How do I collect?”

    He handed me his card, slid his arm around me and my arm went around him for the mug shot and off he went.

    Happily, I did get my arm back.

    One of my friends, who took the camera shot, said that Karl was either very cheap or very worried.

    So far, Kim Phillips has not been able to collect on her bet. Hush, Hush will keep you updated….

    Photo: Kim Phillips with What’s-His-Name

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