Hush, Hush & On The QT: John Elway for US Senate?

    Now that former Bronco quarterback, John Elway has gone his separate way with the AutoNation Car Dealerships, does that mean he is ready to run for office? And if he does, why not make it the US Senate in 2008?

    Elway has been a Republican stalwart for many years, supporting Republican candidates such as Rick O’Donnell, Scott McInnis, Pete Coors, Tom Tancredo, Bob Beauprez and George W. Bush in the tune of thousands of dollars. Plus, Elway has collaborated with Republican get-out-the-vote efforts with robo-calls messages, fundraisers and public appearances. That means there are a lot of political IOU’s out there to sustain an Elway run for senate.

    In the past, Elway has polled “very positively” with Colorado voters and still has tremendous name recognition throughout the state. With Elway on top of a statewide ticket in 2008, it certainly would put the Republicans back into play in Colorado politics.

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