In The Authority Of The Overseers

There’s been a Pastor Ted sighting  – though the fallen leader of New Life Church remains in an undisclosed bunker of sorts while he continues his “restoration” after admitting to buying meth and getting a massage from a male prostitute.

This week Pastor Ross Parsley, who is filling in while a new commander is being chosen to lead the largest congregation in Colorado, sent out an update to New Life family and friends. In it, Parsely encourages everyone to come pray, as often as possible between now and the end of the year, during their special daily 6 to 7 a.m. prayer meetings. “I believe we will see God do something remarkable in us and through us as we consecrate ourselves to his purposes for New Life Church.”

Then he gets down to the Ted business:

“This week I had the opportunity to visit with Ted and [his wife] Gayle for a while. It was a good time of sharing and healing. They’ve been spending their days talking and praying together, seeing a counselor, and working toward the restoration process. Over the next several weeks and months, they will receive in-depth ministry that will tend to their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Ted remains humbly submitted to the authority of the overseers, and he and Gayle are trusting God for healing and direction. Be assured that the trustees and overseers are making wise decisions to ensure they are taken care of in every way. Ted and Gayle asked me to tell you how much they love and appreciate you and your prayers during this difficult time for them. Please continue to pray for their family.”