Radical Leftists, God Disrupt Tancredo Speech

Who says “radical leftist” protests on college campuses are a thing of the past? Not Kyle Bristow, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at Michigan State. The conservative group sponsored a speech by Tom Tancredo Thursday night, which was interrupted by protestors. Bristow was quoted in the State News:

“It saddens me that my fellow Spartans would display this type of behavior. They are racist. It’s sad we need police to come to control these radical leftists.”

The protestors’ signs, however, insisted Tancredo was the racist.

After the fire alarm was pulled several times, one student implicated God as the culprit:

Randy McPherson, whose sign read “Where’s the wall to keep you out?” came to protest when he heard that the congressman would be speaking.

“God works in mysterious ways,” said McPherson, a food science and premedical junior, after the second fire alarm was pulled. “(Tancredo) shouldn’t be here.”

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