Eye For An Eye

For the second time in less than a year, a Colorado Springs police officer has been shot and killed in the line of duty. Officer Ken Jordan, 32, was assisting two other cops in a traffic stop on Monday night when the alleged shooter and driver of the car, Marco Lee, opened fire. Colorado Springs police are devastated and grieving.Jordan graduated from the police academy in 2000, but beyond that few details were immediately available, as the Colorado Springs Police Department has scheduled a press conference this afternoon to talk about the fallen officer. But readers of the Gazette have responded with fury – directed not only at the alleged gunman, but at the newspaper for publishing any information about him at all, including his past arrest record, the bar where he hung out, and that he liked to hunt and owned five guns. Lee was also hit by gunfire; his condition has been upgraded to good. To many readers, writing about him wrongly legitimizes his existence.

Here’s a sampling of the more hardcore comments that have been posted at the newspaper’s website:

“Yet again…another worthless idiot killing someone that was priceless. This guy should be burned at the stake. Not sitting in a jail cell-unless its a small, dirty cell with NO ‘niceitys’. No tv, no outside, no nothing. just food, bed and 8×8 cell. anything else is too good for this guy.

I feel the utmost mournful for the officer/and family. As far as the suspect why should he be more of a burden on our community and the family of the fallen officer? I’m a Christian, but why do we fill our jail and prisons and we get nothing for it. Why doesn’t the gazette report on that?? I think the sheriff in AZ had the right idea. They give up ALL rights when they commit a crime against our community. Yet all forms of MEDIA T.V. and News paper high light on the criminals. This idea of self governing with out self control will never work. He should burn, and yet OUR faithful D.A. will screw it up and he’ll get a few years in the PEN and everyone (Except) the Criminal will pay….WHY??? WHY not report on that???? Bring back HARD LABOR, and CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!!!! And it shouldn’t take 20-30yrs with thousands of tax payer dollars.

The suspect makes me sick. Extradite him to AZ and let the sheriff of Maricopa County take care of him in his prison tents. Put him in the pink underwear that they do and make him do some hard physical labor. I’m tired of all these prisoners sitting on their a$$es all day, getting an education if they want to, and 3 meals a day…ON MY DIME! what happened to “an eye for an eye?”

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