Hush, Hush & On the QT: Bill Owens

    Why would Governor Bill Owens stay in government work when he could take his expertise as a lobbyist/investor/”Russophile”/government official and go into the private sector? Perhaps he could have a lucrative job making investments for US businesses in Russia. Or he could use his Soviet expertise and government contacts to represent Russian interests here in the US. From a Russian tour guide back in the 1980’s and returning to Russia as a visitor, statesman and business recruiter almost every year since, certainly Owens would use those skills and contacts after he leaves office. It would be doubtful that being a US Senator or even a Bush Administration assistant secretary of something would expand Owens’s reach in the Soviet business world. Plus, Owens has probably gotten used to the high life of paid junkets, large speaking fees from Soviet universities, and Swiss resort vacations-the fineries of life that would have to put on hold should he enter into a federal government vocation. If Owens pursued the field of international trade, he certainly would not need to stay in Colorado or worry about silly lobbying laws such as in Amendment 41.

    Other compelling reasons for Owens to leave government drudgery-and Colorado–behind are the 2004 and 2006 elections where state Democrats trumped every attempt Owens made in the background to regain Republican control. For someone touted as “the best governor” and a viable 2008 presidential candidate just a few years ago, Owens’s political capital today is running close to empty thanks to the Democrats.

    The Conservatives Republicans are not so proud of their icon either. Back in 2002, Owens could do no wrong and was closely associated with the Bush Administration policies. But when Owens sought to control water rights in Referendum A, did a 180 on Tabor by supporting Ref C, and dropped his support of conservative Bob Shaffer for Pete Coors in the 2004 US Senate race, that pretty much ended that love affair with the Right.

    And, speaking of love, speculations about his personal life….that is surely something Owens need not worry about in the business world.

    Back in 2002 after a landslide Republican election and on top of his political game, Bill Owens was already talking about going into the private sector. No doubt today, his political bags are already packed and he’s ready to leave Dodge behind.