Partying for the Party of Women

When we no longer need to preface women’s political victories in “Year of the Woman” platitudes, remarked Heather Lurie, manager of the Colorado branch of The White House Project, that’s when we’ll know we’re finally making strides.

The non-partisan group which aims to advance women’s leadership hosted its annual post-election celebration last evening to a diverse group of women elected officials and those new to the process but eager to become more involved. Representative-elect Dianne Primavera (D-Broomfield), fresh from her victory over long-time politician Bill Berens, who dismissively referred to her as “some gal who wants to get into politics”, welcomed the guests to Plus Gallery.

Seen in the crowd: Rep. Morgan Carroll, Rep. Judy Salano, Sen. Moe Keller, and Sen. Lois Trochtop. They were joined by Rep-Elect Cherilyn Peniston and Boulder County Clerk and Recorder-Elect Hillary Hall. Former candidates Angela Engle and Keely Marss joined the festivities and were gracious in accepting congratulations for running in tough races. NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado’s Sara Lemmon and Lenina Olivas, founder of the Northern Colorado NOW chapter, huddled over appetizers and shared concerns.