Know Your Legislator: Don Marostica

Republican Don Marostica is the last freshman legislator from Larimer County to be profiled by Colorado Confidential. He will be representing the 51st House District, which includes the city of Loveland. The seat was formerly held by Republican Jim Welker.

Marostica recently took time to talk with the Confidential about what his plans are for next session and how his long-term experience in the business community relates to his goals. Priorities?

“My background is business. I’ve been a land developer and real estate investor for almost thirty years. My whole thing is going to be about how we can have government accountable. So everything I’m going to be doing is going to be tied to how we do that with Finance and Legislative Audit committees.”

Future bills?

“I’m thinking about introducing a bill to bring technology up to date for seizures and warrants for police departments. Right now, policemen out of their cars…if they’re looking at getting a seizure, they can get a faxed signature from the judge in order to get a warrant. I just want to update that because a lot of the patrol cars don’t have faxes in them, and they’re very expensive and you gotta have paper….

“So, that’s one thing I’ve been asked to do by the police department. To carry a bill just to update the statues that we already have to include electronic signatures.”

Marostica said he was researching a bill that would foster local repair operations for ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) and motorcycles bought in Colorado from foreign manufacturers, in an effort to have consumers feel secure with their purchases.

There could also be what Marostica calls a “commerce and industry bill” to protect independent banks from internal fraud that they’re not directly responsible for.

Committees and Allies?

Marostica will be the ranking Republican on the Finance committee, and has also been assigned to the Legislative Audit committee and the Transportation committee.

“I’m on the board of directors for the Colorado Home Builders Association. I also sit on two hospital boards….. So I think that the hospital and business communities are going to be my allies. They supported me in my run for my office and I’ve been around business for thirty years since I taught school. I taught school outside of the Army and then went into business thirty years ago.”

Best Possible Scenario?

“That we can work together. That the Democrats and Republicans can work together for the best cause of the citizens out there. I want to be able to work together with them.”

Article disclosure: Confidential managing editor Wendy Norris works professionally with Don Marostica. She did not participate in this interview.

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