Hush, Hush & On The QT: The Democratic Convention Will Be At

    …We’re going out on a ledge here: Denver! However, the location should be officially announced any second now by Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean. (Has anyone checked his plane reservations and itinerary for this week?)

    In the meantime, let’s review the ten top reasons why Dean is going to pick Denver for the DNC convention instead of New York City:10. Denver has hype. The Denver Post noted it alone has mentioned Denver’s chances with the convention 42 times compared to the combined “who cares?” New York media’s coverage at a mere 15 times.

    9. Rocky Mountain Oysters. Let’s not spill the beans any further on this delicacy fit for Democratic conventioneers.

    8. The anticipation of holding NARAL meetings in Colorado Springs. Wouldn’t it be fun to really irk those Focus on the Family folks for a week?

    7. The media would rather hang out in Denver than NYC. The Democratic and Republican conventions are all about the publicity. Give those guys at CNN, FOX and MSNBC guest suites in Aspen and Vail for a week and the Democrats will have the presidential election locked up.

    6. Sports programming. Just think, the media could telecast a pre-season Bronco game at Mile High, cut to a Democratic speech at the Pepsi Center and then zoom into a Rockies game at Coors Field and still not miss the Democratic Rah-Rah at night back at the Pepsi Center. Hey, maybe the Denver Host Committee can throw in a rodeo, too. We shouldn’t forget another spectator sport–the elk will be rutting in Estes Park.

    5. Denver is a Mile High on hip and attitude.

    4. Cowboy boots and Crocs. Refer to #5.

    3. Senator Hillary Clinton (A) and DNC Chair, Howard Dean (B) do not like each other. Hillary wants NYC (C) as the convention site. Dean lived in Aspen (D) for a year. The Denver (E) site is a mulit-Western state political effort (F) and is symbolic of a New Beginning for Democrats (G). NYC is NYC. (H) The West (I) is turning purple with Democratic successes (J). The East (K) is already mostly Democratic. Mathematically, the convention goes to Denver: (A + K) / H = C < (B+D + I) x (F + G) x J = E

    2. Lots of mountains provide a great background shot during convention lulls. Not withstanding that one has to drive 60 miles or so west to get into the Rocky Mountains, but at least you can see them from Denver. Maybe the Snow Gods will come early and top the peaks in white so they look like DIA’s roof line.

    1. Altitude. To feel the effects of alcohol, everyone knows you can drink less at 5,000 + feet than at sea level. Democrats are always into saving money.

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