Ritter Talks Renewable Energy

Governor-elect Bill Ritter told legislators and reporters yesterday that the issue of renewable energy would be his top priority when he takes office in November – something you already knew if you read Colorado Confidential’s Q&A with Ritter last week. As 9News reports:

…Ritter was “vague by design” on the details as he has not yet hired members of his Cabinet who would implement his vision.

“We really believe this is a session where you will see us work on renewable energy ideas,” Ritter told the crowd at the Denver Press Club. “We are just going to try and move that agenda, what we call the new energy economy.”

Ritter spoke often about renewable or alternative energy sources, health care, transportation and the economy as a candidate for governor. He stressed patience on the part of Coloradans, specifically when it comes to fixing the health care system, saying that may not be accomplished “in (my) four year term … It’s better to be right than quick.”