Wadhams Urged, But Why Would He?

The Associated Press reports that political consultant Dick Wadhams is being urged to run for chair of the state Republican party.

Wadhams managed both of the Senate campaigns for Republican Wayne Allard, and also ran the 1988 gubernatorial campaign of Bill Owens. He needs a job now that he previous candidate, Virginia Sen. George Allen, was defeated by Democrat Jim Webb. Allen had his eyes on the Presidency before falling hard in his bid for re-election this year, and Wadhams was poised to lead that effort to the White House. If Wadhams does decide to run the state GOP, it would be a big boost for Republicans who are in dire need of strong strategic guidance. Wadhams, dubbed “Karl Rove’s heir apparent” in reference to the man who guided President Bush to two straight victories, is one of the top political minds in the country. Prior to joining up with Allen, Wadhams directed John Thune’s upset victory over then-Democratic Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle in South Dakota; that victory put him in line to run the big race, but his candidate (Allen) proved to be a major disaster.

Wadhams told the AP that he hadn’t decided what to do next, but it’s hard to believe that he would really decide to head up a state Republican party. For one thing, being the GOP chair in Colorado doesn’t pay anything, and Wadhams is in the category of political advisors who earn the really big bucks. It’s a nice idea to promote Wadhams for the job, as state Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany is doing, but it’s another thing entirely to convince him that it would be a good career move.