Another Snow Storm? Buy Your Potatoes Now

Since the weekend, many of the Western Slope City Markets (owned by Kroger) were still lagging in fresh produce stock, bread and other products because of trucking problems out of their Denver warehouses. There were no onions, lettuce, or potatoes for many of the Christmas dinners along the western I-70 corridor. Signs on the empty shelves promised that items would be restocked by today, Wednesday.As reported earlier on Colorado Confidential, even some restaurants in the rural resort areas were forced to reduce their menu offerings just as tourists were starting to hit the slopes.

Supermarkets and restaurants that receive their supplies from Utah were not affected by the problems in Denver.

With a new Pacific storm headed towards Colorado and the weathermen warning that the Front Range may again get socked with a major snow event, some radio stations West of the Divide are warning residents to stock up.

Aspen has only two supermarkets and with the influx of holiday skiers in town, grocery shelves were depleted by Christmas. As one City Market employee stated: “We have food now just in time for the New Year, but we’ll see if it lasts.”