Welfare Computers FUBAR

Twenty-six months after Governor Owens put it in place, the Colorado Benefits Management System, a massive new $223 million computer system that handles welfare benefits in the state, is still deeply flawed.  The manual for working around computer screwups outside the system now runs to six volumes. 
State Senator Bob Hagedorn was quoted by the Rocky Mountain News as saying:

I can understand why the people who are associated with it would want to get out of Dodge.

His state house counterpart, Anne McGihon, agrees:

I think it’s outrageous that we haven’t gotten this system fixed and we’ve left the counties that have to administer it exposed.  We need someone to come in and do an internal audit and tell us what it’s going to costs to fix this . . . thing.

Meanwhile, the system tells more than 11,000 a month that it has incorrectly calculated their benefits.