Kumbaya or Not: CoCo’s Political Theme Songs of 2006

    Everyone needs some background music, right?

    The Squirrel Nut Zippers lend their talents to “Had Enough?” to describe CD4 Rep. Marilyn Musgrave.

    Click the image to play.

    Here are some more ideas – feel free to add your own in comments.

    Sen. Ron Tupa, D-Boulder: “What Kind of Fool Am I?” That vote on the immigration bill during the special session last July, yep it’s costing you. No committee chairmanship, no cabinet appointment, etc. etc.

    Alan Philp, director of Trailhead Group: “Get a Job!” Never has so much money been so wasted. OK, maybe by Bush in Iraq.

    House Majority Leader Alice Madden and Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald: “Respect”. Because they’ve earned it with two winning cycles in a row!

    Outgoing U.S. Rep Bob Beauprez: “Take this Job and Shove It!” It appears that’s pretty much what happened there…

    Pastor Ted Haggard: “My Boyfriend’s Back”. Need we say more? Yucky double entendre intended.

    Rep. Tom Tancredo: “We’re Off to See the Wizard”. And good luck on that, too! I don’t think this one is handing out brains, heart or courage.

    President George Bush: “Ticket to Ride”

    Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon: “Light My Fire” ‘Cause he’d have to light his own before he lights ours, if he wants to win statewide.