Will Russell George Remain As DNR Chief?

If you were future Governor Bill Ritter, imagine this resume crossing your desk for the position of Director of the Department of Natural Resources:

— Boettcher scholar; Harvard graduate; country lawyer; state legislator and Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives….

–In former position, responsibilities included overseeing eight divisions, 15 state boards and 2,500 workers in agencies concerning wildlife, water, parks, mining and forests….

Would you pass this gentleman’s resume by?Russell George, who has served as executive director of DNR for two years under Gov. Bill Owens, acknowledged that he has applied for this position with the Ritter administration. This is not much of a surprise. As far back as August, political rumors had both gubernatorial candidates interested in George retaining his title.

Four applicants were forwarded to Ritter’s transition team by the DNR committee, headed by Rep. Kathleen Curry D-Gunnison. No committee members will commit to say that George, a Rifle native, was one of the four names suggested to head the department. A decision should be announced by January 9th.