Hush, Hush & On The QT: New Year Resolutions

    Now that it is 2007, we wonder how many politicians have written their New Years Resolutions yet. Let’s take a peek at a few that might have been penned so far:

    Pete Coors: I resolve to ignore any more of Bill Owens’s political schemes

    House Speaker Andrew Romanoff: I will date no more than 108 women in 2007

    Bob Beauprez: Next time, I’ll forget about the horse and leave the elk to forage on their own

    Colorado Republican Party: We will try to find that missing money from our campaign financial reports

    Denver Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention: We resolve to give a few unions a call

    Dick Cheney: I will look before I shoot

    Ken Gordon: I promise to ignore any calls from Hollywood

    Trailhead, Gigi Dennis and the Denver Election Commission: If we had it to do all over again, we would have used a calculator

    John Kerry: I will never make another joke

    Democratic state politicians: We will try to solve the health care crisis before we are all old and sick

    Barack Obama: If I run for president, I will not scream in front of the national media

    George W Bush: Maybe I’ll ask for a second opinion before I invade Iran

    Bill Owens: Now that I’ve left the Colorado Republican Party in disarray, I will wipe that smart ass smile off my face.


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