Meetings Held in Ft. Carson Probe

Congressional staffers met with Ft. Carson officials for the second day in a row today to investigate how the military base deals with soldiers who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

As mentioned at Colorado Confidential last July, the Colorado Springs Independent and CBS News both reported on the mistreatment of Ft. Carson soldiers with PTSD more than six months ago. But, it took an NPR investigation last month to force any action among lawmakers. Following the NPR story,  three senators from other states called for an investigation into Ft. Carson’s treatment of mental-health issues – but Colorado’s delegation remained quiet. 

Now, staff members for Wayne Allard, Ken Salazar, Doug Lamborn and Mark Udall are learning about Ft. Carson protocol on PTSD. It remains to be seen whether  legislators will go beyond the official word on this issue.