Denver Gets DNC Convention

National Journal’s blog Hotline is reporting that Democratic National Committee chairman Gov. Howard Dean has decided that the 2008 convention will be held in Denver from August 25 – August 28.

Colorado is a marquee states for Democrats, who have, in the past two years, gobbled up the governor’s mansion, control of the state legislature, and two congressional seats.

But Denver’s bid was shot through with holes from the start. The first technical submission was greeted with dismay by party regulars; revised bids were better. Labor unions threatened to balk unless Denver began to unionize its hotels; others wanted to extract compromises from the DNC and the state about union participation. The DNC worried about whether Denver could raise the $50 million necessary to stage the marquee event for the ’08 Dem nominee. Promises by out of state governors to raise millions were greeted skeptically.

More to come…

Background stories by Colorado Confidential can be found here.

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