Coffman and Gordon are BFFs

Bipartisanship has rarely appeared so harmonious. Following through on their pledges to work together, Sec. of State Mike Coffman and Sen. Majority Leader (and former SOS candidate) Ken Gordon held a hearing Monday to discuss elections in the state. The new elections all-star team plans to work toward devising a legislative solution to the voting problems that occurred in November.

“In light of recent events and conflicting Federal and State law we are going to look at possible legislative action to improve the conduct and reliability of the election process,” Gordon said in a press release.
While the public was invited to testify, the hearing was front-loaded with elections officials offering their input and trumpeting their preferred brand of voting.

All-mail elections were front and center as Oregon Director of Elections John Lindback extolled their advantages. All elections are conducted via mail in his state, and Lindback said they are cheaper, less problematic and result in higher voter turnouts.

Larimer County Clerk Scott Doyle testified about the virtues of vote centers, which made their national debut in his county in 2003.

Also testifying were newly-elected Douglas County Clerk Jack Arrowsmith, Denver City Councilwoman Rosemary Rodriguez and Denver Election Commissioner Susan Rogers.

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