Colorado’s “Just Say No” Congressional Delegation

Now that the Colorado Republican Congressional delegation is a minority, it seems that Doug Lamborn, Marilyn Musgrave and Tom Tancredo will be using their “no” button a lot in the 110th Congress. Lamborn has admitted that he is ready to fight the Democratic bills, but with the Democrats holding a 31-vote majority, all he can do is vote “nay” and see what happens.So far the Lamborn-Musgrave-Tancredo “No” voting block has not been successful in defeating any of the house resolutions during the “100 Hours Agenda” presented by the Democrats.

HR-1  Implement the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act
Ayes: D-231  R-68 
Noes: R-128

HR-2  Fair minimum Wage Act
Ayes: D-233  R-82
Noes: R-116

HR-3  Stem Cell Enhancement Act
Ayes: D-216  R-37
Noes: D-16  R-158

HR-4  Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act
Ayes: D-231  R-24
Noes: R-170