The Wild and Wacky Larimer GOP

    Über political operative Dick Wadhams may want to consider deferring his presumptive chairmanship of the Colorado Republican Party while he hires a British supernanny to tame the terrors in Larimer.

    Often over-shadowed in sheer partisan temerity by their kissin’ cousins down south in El Paso County, the Larimer GOP leadership is an entertaining lot all their own.

    The Coloradoan reported last week that a “dissident” faction of Republican Party faithful are calling for the head of Nancy Hunter, the current county chairwoman. Hunter is accused of lying to the Larimer County Republicans’ executive committee that Fern Wolaver, a 50-year party member, had agreed to step down from her position on the central committee for breaking the rules by working on a non-party campaign. Wolaver claims that she did not agree to resign. Now, she’s demanding that Hunter resign.

    While it all sounds positively parliamentarian, the partisan affront of Wolaver’s extracurricular activities were a whole lot more personal to Hunter.

    Wolaver worked on the 4th Congressional District campaign of Eric Eidsness, a former Republican turned Reform Party candidate. Hunter is employed by Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, Eidsness’ opponent in the 2006 general election. According to LegiStorm, Hunter earns approximately $54,000 per year (excluding bonuses) as Musgrave’s local director of constituent services while also representing the Larimer County Republican Party.

    Hunter has long been criticized for squelching primary opponents and failing to fully support all GOP candidates, as further evidenced in comments posted to the newspaper’s original story and the discussion forum for a subsequent follow-up article.

    The central committee convenes again in February to elect a chairperson. Wolver’s supporters plan to nominate a candidate. Hunter has not disclosed whether she plans to seek another two-year term.

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