Former DEC Workers Raking It In

Two tarnished former Denver Election Commission workers are not likely losing sleep over their unemployed status. Former clerk and recorder Wayne Vaden is negotiating a $150-an-hour job with the city, reports the Rocky Mountain News. Vaden resigned from the DEC after Denver’s Nov. 7 election debacle. In his new job, Vaden will work just 10 floors above his old DEC office in the Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building.

Anthony Rainey, the former DEC tech chief who was placed on administrative leave, hasn’t had to worry about finding a new job just yet. Colorado Confidential reported in November that Rainey would collect $8,000 in taxpayer money during what was supposed to have been a five-week investigative leave. Yet the Rocky reports that the investigation is still not done, and Rainey is still collecting paychecks – so far totaling more than $10,800.