Hush, Hush & On the QT: This Week’s Superfluities

Democratic National Convention
No, you can’t buy tickets to the DNC Convention in 2008. It is not a sporting event. Yep, the Denver Host Committee has been fielding calls like that. If you want to be a delegate to the convention, find out here. If you want to volunteer or become a vendor, sign up here and hereRifle Hits the Big Times
L.A. Times to be exact. The story is about the oil and gas impacts on Rifle, located about 250 miles west of Denver on I-70. A snippet:

All those oil and gas workers mean more congestion on the streets. Traffic has increased nearly 50% since 2003, though this is still small-town commuting – tie-ups usually last minutes….

…The widespread affluence has led to a drop in property crime. But police say the influx of energy workers has led to escalating methamphetamine problems, domestic abuse and an unheard-of three shootings last year….

…Although sales tax collections are rising about 10% annually, the demands on the town’s $7-million budget are climbing faster. City Hall must build a $25-million water treatment plant for its new residents, and spend $4 million to upgrade off ramps from the interstate because of the large number of commuters. The regional school district has passed three bond issues in six years to keep pace with the growing enrollment – more than 700 new students in that time. Temporary trailers crowd schoolyards.

The article also mentions the economic benefits such as oil and gas property revenues that help pay for those school bonds and the royalty revenues the locals are receiving from the gas drilling.

Which Came First? Club 20 or Russell George?
When Club 20 had started their criticism about the lack of Western Slope representation on the Gov. Bill Ritter cabinet, Ritter had already approached Russell George a Republican from Rifle for the job with the Colorado Department of Transportation. It just took a couple of week for George to make a decision.

In the meantime, Club 20 Director Reeves Brown made up a handy map so everyone could visualize where cabinet members lived. Looks like Brown will have to add Rifle to the map.

Sign of the Times
Speaking of Russell George-he might not have expected to work for the Ritter team. In front of his home during the election season last fall were yard signs for Republican candidates. Including Bob Beauprez.