POST-SPEECH UPDATE My State of the Union: Jon Caldara

Jon Caldara is the President of the Independence Institute, Colorado’s free-market think tank in Golden, Colorado. Caldara also hosts a 3 hour a day a radio talk show on the 50,000-watt blowtorch News Radio 850 KOA. His current affairs television program Independent Thinking airs on Denver’s PBS Station, Channel 12 KBDI, Friday nights at 8:30. And Caldara writes a column for the Boulder Daily Camera.

I think the State of the Union will be nothing more than a defense of Bush’s Iraqi War position. Which is too bad because I think there are other issues that it would be great if he addressed particularly spending, budget and taxes. How strongly will he push to make the tax cuts permanent? What will he do to reign in earmark spending? More specifically what is he going to veto?

Other than the Iraqi position, I think he will focus on a new bi-partisan way of working together. I wouldn’t be surprised if he talked about how he as governor of Texas worked so well with a Democratically-controlled legislature.

I hope that instead of the George-Bush-working-with-the-Democrats speech that we got six years ago when he got elected that we have more of a Ronald Reagan speech of here’s my veto pen and I’m ready to use it.

Pretty much all of [the legislation passed in the first 100 hours by the Democrats] should be vetoed including a bunch of pro-union legislation, minimum wage, and one tax increase proposal.

This is still gonna be a pro-war speech and round number two for his troop surge. There are other things going on, such as how are you going to make these tax cuts permanent? Are we going to have the economy shifting backwards? Are we all going to have to kill our grandparents the night before the death tax expires?

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