So Long, DEC

A strong majority of Denver voters opted to oust the Denver Election Commission in favor of a single, elected clerk and recorder in Tuesday’s all-mail election. Backers of the measure said a clerk would be more accountable to the people, but opponents said changing the structure of the body wouldn’t overcome personnel and technology problems.

From the Rocky Mountain News:

Denver residents gave the boot to the Denver Election Commission on Tuesday, voting by more than 2-to-1 to replace the beleaguered body with an elected clerk and recorder.

“I’m thrilled,” said Denver City Councilwoman Rosemary Rodriguez, who championed the measure. “The people wanted a clear line of responsibility.”

With only about 200 possibly mismarked ballots still to be counted, the tally was 36,199, or 68 percent, voting to dissolve the commission and 17,090, or 32 percent, voting to keep it.

The new clerk and recorder will be elected in the municipal election May 1, when Mayor John Hickenlooper stands for re-election and all 13 City Council seats are up. The existing election commission will run that vote and a June runoff, if one is necessary.

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