Lamborn + Colbert = Prime Time Desire

On Election Night, oh those many months ago, when Doug “Landslide Lamborn” proved true to his name, we asked the positively jubilant new Republican congressman if he was ready for Stephen Colbert.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever ready for Colbert,” Lamborn cheerfully replied.

Lamborn’s road to Congress, to represent the conservative 5th Congressional District in south-central Colorado, was as potholed as the streets of Denver in February. But despite being in the minority, the freshman lawmaker, pictured here in the middle of a bunch of visiting faculty members from Colorado Christian University, seems to be having a ball. He’s also got an office with a public women’s bathroom splitting right through the middle, a pad not too far from the Capitol, complete with an orange velour rocking chair – and is on the “waiting list” to be on the Armed Services Committee.

Yes, Rep. Lamborn is more than prepared for Prime Time. But is Colbert ready for Lamborn? It’s a match made in heaven and here’s why…

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