Caffeine-Crazed Mexifornia GOP Spin with Restaurant Reviews

It’s an avalanche of pastoral-hued policy web sites!

Not to be outdone by the recent roll out of ex-Congressman Bob Beauprez’s Line of Sight online policy center, former Colorado Senate Republican Majority Leader and defeated state treasurer candidate Mark Hillman is also committing his thoughts to pixels with sunny graphics and a decidedly darker content edge.

One featured story – The Disaster that is ‘Mexifornia’ – excerpts a fear-mongering conservative OpEd that exploits the holy trinity of 9-11, immigration, and class warfare concerns as public policy suggestions.

Hillman also cheerfully offers “Coffee Treasures,” reviews of coffee shops presumably from his travels across the state during his failed bid to remain state Treasurer. If you’re ever in Berthoud, don’t miss the “killer carrot cake!” at Northern Jumping Bean Coffee House.

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