Driving the Corn Mobile

Mmmm…corn gas.

Former Gov. Bill Owens was often criticized for the way the welfare system in Colorado was, shall we say, bungled. So on Thursday Gov. Bill Ritter closed an office that was created to oversee welfare benefits. As Lynn Bartels of the Rocky Mountain News reports:

With the stroke of a pen, Gov. Bill Ritter on Thursday eliminated an office that his predecessor set up specifically to handle a troubled welfare benefits system.
Ritter said the Office of Colorado Benefits Management System is no longer “necessary or efficient.”

“Thanks to a new spirit of cross-departmental cooperation and accountability, we can save the taxpayers money and deliver services more efficiently by signing this executive order,” the governor announced.

Former Gov. Bill Owens created the office in 2005 to try to get a handle on a new computer payment system that turned into a nightmare for the state, resulting in delayed welfare payments and lawsuits…

…CBMS will now be run by the departments of Human Services and Health Care Policy and Financing. The savings to taxpayers is about $200,000.

Stupid Democrats. All they do is spend, spend, spend.

Oh, wait…


House Speaker Andrew Romanoff hopes people refer to this legislative session as the “energy session.” You mean, instead of the “Amendment 41 session?” Lynn Bartels