Presidential Campaigns Revving Up in CO

Was it really four years ago that we were talking about Howard Dean Meet-Ups?

Although it is still unknown if Colorado will join other states in a Super Tuesday presidential primary February 5, 2008, presidential campaigns are already making a foray into the state’s political scene. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards seems to have the most Colorado connections. He has organizers under the banner of “One Corps” in cities such as Denver, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Grand Junction and Montrose.

Supporters for Sen. Barrack Obama are meeting in Brighton, Denver, and DU Campus. Sen. Hillary Clinton had a fundraiser in Colorado last year and her Coloradan followers are conducting meet-ups on a regular basis, too.

Although Colorado had the largest number of Dennis Kucinich delegates to the Democratic Convention in 2004, right now there doesn’t appear to be an active organization for the congressman in the state.

Democratic presidential candidate and New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has his very own Colorado blog as does Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

You can click on Colorado from a US map on Republican candidate John Cox’s website that will direct you to a contact in the state, unfortunately that information is almost impossible to find on other websites except for Democrat John Edwards.

Surprisingly, there is a very active “Draft Al Gore” group in Denver with over 25 members. In fact, they will be getting together next week– no doubt to discuss the recent article in the New York Observer that said Gore may jump into the race yet.

Are you involved in a presidential organization or a meet-up in Colorado?  Please list the contact information in the comments below.

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