Just Because We’re Not Listening Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Hear You

Can you believe Britney Spears was back in rehab? And can you believe that she left rehab already? Oh, the drama!

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson held a press conference in Colorado yesterday to announce his Colorado campaign team in his bid for President. As Chuck Plunkett of The Denver Post reports:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson announced Wednesday night that he has picked five prominent local Democrats to run his presidential campaign in Colorado.

Tom Strickland, Polly Baca, Lawrence Martinez and Erich Bussian were named co-chairs of his Colorado campaign at a news conference in Centennial. The governor selected J.W. Postal to direct the campaign and serve as spokesman.
In his picks, Richardson has chosen officials from the traditional party base, Latinos and organized labor.

“You want a representative group of leaders on your team,” Richardson said in an interview. “But these are also good friends of mine.”

Richardson said his moderate, pro- business instincts along with his desire to seek alternative forms of energy and support of labor would play well in Colorado…

…The five will join national political consultant Michael Stratton, whom Richardson picked as his senior adviser when he announced his candidacy on Jan. 22.


Yesterday it was revealed that former Gov. Bill Owens may have promised some high-level staffers that they would keep their jobs under Gov. Bill Ritter

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