Ritter Wants Answers on NREL Cuts

Fighting Pres. Bush’s proposed budget cuts to Golden’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is one of Gov. Ritter’s top priorities today at the National Governors Association meeting.

The Rocky Mountain News has the story:

If he gets to ask just one question of President Bush today, Gov. Bill Ritter said he will ask about proposed budget cuts for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden.

Ritter, who is in the nation’s capitol for the National Governors Association’s winter meetings, told an alliance of labor, business and environmental groups this morning that he hopes to make the case for promoting energy independence when he and other governor’s make their customary visit to the White House.

The nation’s governors are bringing long lists of concerns to their meeting with Bush.

Some will press him about cuts to children’s health insurance programs administered by the states. Others will raise concerns about the war in Iraq and the toll that is taking on state National Guard units and their dwindling stocks of equipment.

Ritter said he planned to question Bush’s proposal to cut 3 percent from NREL at a time when the president and other policy makers are calling for accelerated development of alternative energy sources like wind and solar power, and bio-fuels.