Homeless, Elderly Helped by HB 1314

Social Service directors will be sighing in relief: House Bill 1314, which proposes to extend the deadline for legal residents without proper identification to continue to receive state services, passed through the Senate committee hearing on Tuesday. The temporary rules were set in place for only six months after the passage of the anti-immigration law HB1023 and were due to expire March 1.HB1314 reads in part:

Rules promulgated by the executive director of the department of revenue applicable to persons who apply for public benefits. 

HB 1314 requires the executive director of the Department of Revenue to issue permanent rules providing for additional forms of identification and a waiver exemption process for persons applying for federal or state or local public benefits.

The rules are necessary to ensure that certain individuals lawfully present in the United States receive authorized benefits, including but not limited to homeless state citizens.

Under last year’s HB 1023, applicants for state or federal services were required to provide a photo ID and other forms of identification, sign an affidavit that they are U.S. citizens and get their application approved through the federal System Alien Verification for Entitlements

If HB1314 bill is passed, the Department of Revenue will hold hearings to make permanent exceptions to the rules under HB 1023.