Mmm…Brown Water

Ok, seriously. Is Jake Plummer retired or not?

The War in Iraq has been a great success. Just ask Republican Sen. Mike Kopp.

As April Washington of the Rocky Mountain News reports after the jump:

Republicans upset with a Democratic resolution on the Iraq war now have their own.

Sen. Mike Kopp, a Gulf War veteran, introduced a dueling resolution that calls for the Colorado legislature to publicly support the troops in Iraq and points out the successes of the war, including the removal of Saddam Hussein from power.
The Littleton Republican’s resolution is meant to answer the Democrats’ resolution criticizing President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq.

“They (Democrats) don’t want to have a debate about the surge in troops,” Kopp said. “What they really want is a protest. We (GOP) are giving unqualified support to our troops. We just want them to win.”

Uh oh, Democrats. Kopp has figured you out