Tancredo’s Crash Test Dummy

First, we find out Congressman Tom Tancredo doesn’t like to pay those high gasoline prices. Second, he doesn’t keep track of his car keys. Third, maybe he should give IQ tests to his potential staff hires.From The Hill:

Rule No. 1 for congressional staffers: Don’t borrow your boss’s car without telling him. Or maybe it’s “Don’t blog about your sex life.” In either case, the car thing is pretty high up there.

If you must break that rule and slip away with the keys, at least don’t get in a wreck.

And, if you happen to break both of those rules, don’t then tell the Capitol Police the congressman gave you permission to take it. Officers know how to reach members, even when they’re on a retreat.

Apparently, one of Rep. Tom Tancredo’s staffers didn’t get the memo. The Colorado Republican got a phone call from Capitol Hill’s finest during the GOP retreat earlier this year about his Toyota Prius (Tancredo? A hybrid? Who knew?).

The congressman was asked if he had authorized the young staffer to take his car.

Um, no, Tancredo responded. Why?

Because he’d just driven it into another car.

Suffice it to say the young man no longer works for Tancredo. But what was he doing with the car?

“I don’t know,” Tancredo responded. “I guess he needed a ride home.”