The Dems Are Blogging, the Republicans….

The Colorado Democratic Party has joined the world of blogging. They just kicked off their site: with the announcement that presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama will be coming to Colorado on March 18th.From the CDP:

We have launched CDP’s new blog, “Voices of the Colorado Dems.” We hope this can be a platform for our elected leaders and county party leaders to make information available to Democratic activists as well as undecided voters who might be trying to decide which candidates to support.

We would like to invite all of you to participate in the blog. For our elected officials, discussing a bill you are working on, or inviting people to an upcoming town hall meeting, or just commenting on what a day in the life of an elected official is like could all be interesting subjects for readers.

For county party leaders, you might consider talking about what the local party is doing to reach out to voters, or upcoming community events you’ll be hosting, or just a bit about who the county Democratic party leaders are, so voters outside the Democratic party can put a human face on what we do.

The Colorado Republican Party website, on the other hand, has been promising a blog site for months and it looks like its home page–with two lonely guys, Secretary of State, Mike Coffman and John Suthers, Attorney General–hasn’t been updated since January. In fact, the Republican website’s “latest news” is from October, 2006 and their calendar quits after Election Day.

Imagine that.

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