What Do Legislators Drive?

To many people, their car is an extension of their self.  For others it is a symbol of their values. Maybe, then, we can learn something about our state legislators based on what they drive.

More fun info after the jump…I looked into it and found out what kind of car (or truck or SUV or van) 71 of the 100 Colorado legislators drive.

Overall, 56% rely on a vehicle made by an American company (including Chrysler), while 32% drive Japanese brands, and only about 11% are European vehicles.

The top brands are:

Ford – 8
Toyota – 7
Chevy – 6
Honda – 6
Chrysler – 5
Jeep – 5

There are six confirmed hybrid drivers, three of whom are in the Democratic leadership, whereas Republicans own two of the six hybrids. Toyota dominates the legislative hybrid market, accounting for four of the hybrids, including three Priuses and one Lexus Rx 400h. The other hybrids are a Honda Civic and a Mercury Mariner. There is also at least one confirmed Flex Fuel vehicle driver, a Republican who drives a Chevy Tahoe. This type of vehicle can run on a variety of gasoline and ethanol blends, including the well publicized E85.

Party Breakdown
Among Democrats, 55% drive cars made by an American company, 33% drive a Japanese car, and 13% go with a European brand. Surprised by how similar this is to the overall numbers?

Among Republicans, 58% drive an American brand, 32% go with a Japanese brand, and 10% go with a European vehicle.

Republicans seem to prefer larger vehicles, though, as 42% rely on an SUV, 35% a car, 16% a truck, and 6% a minivan. Among Democrats, 65% drive cars, 30% drive an SUV of some type, and only 5% drive a truck. There are no van drivers in the majority caucus.

The top brands among Democrats are:
Toyota – 6
Ford – 4
Honda – 4
Jeep – 4

While among Republicans, the top brands are:
Chevy – 4
Ford – 4
Chrysler – 3
Nissan – 3

All seven of the truck drivers and both of the van drivers are men, though 50% of men drive a car and only 30% drive an SUV.  Among women, 56% drive a car, while 44% go with an SUV. Male legislators are also more likely to drive an American brand (61%) than are female legislators (48%). 

Curious about any other breakdowns? Let me know by posting in the comments section, and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

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