‘Hippies Ruin Everything’

To read the posted comments left by readers of the Colorado Springs Gazette, the seven people who were arrested during last Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade got, in the words of one, exactly “what they deserved.”

In fact, much of the public opinion of the peace activists – at least in conservative Colorado Springs – has been critical of the parade participants who, for the second year, say they were peaceably marching until seven of them were physically removed by police, slightly injuring at least three. Even the city’s only daily newspaper, the conservative Gazette, published an editorial blaming them for trying to “hijack” the parade for “selfish purposes” – and defending the cops who arrested them.

The police department has launched an investigation. In the meantime, some residents have reacted with horror at shocking images of the arrests that suggest the use of excessive force. Many others lay the blame on the parade participants, many of whom are elderly.

Keep reading for just a few of the comments.

Good Job Gazette for giving us a peek inside of the mind of the poor grandma protestor Elizabeth Fineron and people like her. Arrest is what they wanted and when the police showed restraint by first asking her to stand up on her own more than a dozen times she swore at them like a drunk landlady and drug her feet when they tried to remove her from the route. But that wasn’t good enough for Grandma Ghandi. After all what kind of story would that be for her grandchildren? So she lightly poked an officer on the shoulder so she could be arrested like her friends. How disappointed she must have been when she only got a ticket and not a night in jail. What a piece of work!


And in all honesty, the only thing they are doing by getting arrested, is costine the taxpayers money and wasting an officers time. Sre tehy really making a point? That type of behavior may have worked in teh 60’s but it is nothing but a cheap knockoff today.

Just a Marine

After all the energy expended on yesterday’s posts defending the poor, helpless Ms Fineron, it now turns out that she wanted to be arrested after all. Like I said, she got what she deserved when she provoked a fight. I hope the courts take her own words and intent into consideration when they fine her big time. It was our tax money that had to be spent to manage and process her.


The 65 year old woman the police were forced to drag made her own choice to publicly disrespect the police. She was given the opportunity to leave on her own and refused. This was suppose to be a parade families could bring their children to. The adults that refused to comply with the Police owe the Police Department a public apology.


Hippies ruin everything. if this country was allowed to show its backbone maybe this could all be done anyway. NOOOOOOOOO because I might insult someone senseabilitys and make them do the right thing. I dont know allow women to vote or have thier own religious freedoms without worry that they will loose thier heads over the matter. Did I want to go. no. but do you see me whining? no. If you havent served. then bugger off. If you have served. shame on you for not supporting your brothers in arms. and if you are serving and complaining. I say pick up a rifle and fight.

One armed Vet

CSPD must pull the trash from the streets. Do you think it’s some freaking accident we haven’t been attacked since 9/11 ? Thank God every day for our police and strong military.


The peace niks wanted a consltation with the police, which is why they were there! They got one and got arrested. They got what the come for and what they deserved. Cops did the right thing. End of story.


i hope everyone supports the PD on this one, this day was about family and friends, not politics.

Was there

Photo: Police drag 65-year old Elizabeth Fineron away from the parade.

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Cara DeGette is a senior fellow at Colorado Confidential, and a columnist and contributing editor at the Colorado Springs Independent. E-mail her at cdegette@coloradoconfidential.com.

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