Sen. Salazar Makes a 180 on AG Gonzales

Sen. Ken Salazar was a witness for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Judge Alberto Gonzales for U.S. Attorney General back in January of 2005.That move was highly criticized by Democrats.

However, in regards to recent headlines about the U.S. Department of Justice, Sen. Salazar is now joining other Senators asking for the Attorney General’s resignation.On Tuesday, Sen. Salazar’s office released this information:

Senator Ken Salazar today criticized Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ leadership role at the department of justice in light of the recent situation concerning the firing of United States attorneys.

Senator Salazar also introduced a bill today that would fine or imprison anyone attempting to coerce, pressure, or attempt to influence a U.S. Attorney’s decision whether to commence the investigation or prosecution of a person based on that person’s race, religion, sex, national origin, political activities, or political beliefs. 

In his statement on the floor of the United States Senate Sen. Salazar said, “I am disappointed that the Department of Justice may have blurred the line between representation of President Bush and representation of the people of the Untied States.

I understand that distinction well

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