True Tests of Delegate Worthiness

    The Colorado Democratic Party has issued a draft of a plan to decide who gets to participate in the 2008 Democratic National Convention – which will be held in Denver – as an official delegate.

    As The Denver Post reports:

    For the next 30 days the party will take public comment on how to select delegates for the convention. Anyone can review the 34-page selection plan at the party office and submit comments on the draft.

    As it stands, the state will send 71 delegates and nine alternates. The delegates and alternates will be selected through a caucus. A copy of the plan is available at Democratic Party headquarters.

    Going through the caucus process and electing delegates that way is so…boring. So instead, we’ll take submissions for a better way to prove your worthiness as a delegate. A few suggestions to get things started are after the jump.

    Delegate Selection Process Suggestions

  • Following the lead of the NFL combine, tests of physical prowess could be the deciding factor. How fast can you run 40 yards? How many times can you bench press 225 pounds? How far can you throw a football?
  • A quiz on past nominees: How many vice-presidential nominees can you name in 60 seconds?
  • Colorado’s own Fourth of July eating contest. Whoever can eat the most hot dogs in five minutes gets an automatic bid as a delegate.
  • How else can we spice this sucker up?

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