UPDATED: John Edwards Will NOT Be Dropping Out of Presidential Race

Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, with his wife, Elizabeth, announced that despite the re-occurance of her cancer, his presidential campaign will continue.

His wife, Elizabeth, had breast cancer in 2004. Up until recently, she was cancer-free. At a press conference today, Edwards and his wife discussed that the cancer had returned in her rib bone and that she will be under a doctor’s care to contain it.

But in no way, both explained, will this end Edward’s presidential campaign. “This will make no difference,” Elizabeth Edwards said, “I will continue on with my schedule next week.”

View video after the jump.From the conference shown on CNN:

Colorado’s Andy Boian, the chair of the “Western Desk” for the Edwards’ presidential campaign, said that the campaign is full steam ahead.

“We are really sad with Elizabeth’s diagnosis of cancer that is treatable, but not curable, and we will be there when she needs us,” Boian explained. “But Elizabeth is not a person who focuses on herself. She has always believed that John and the family come first.”

Boian noted that when Edwards’ 2008 campaign started, Elizabeth had been cancer-free. As a close friend of the Edwards family, Boian felt that it was “typical” that Elizabeth wanted John to continue to pursue the presidency despite her new diagnosis. The Edwards family and campaign staff will remain optimistic, he said.

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