Colorado’s 10 Most Successful Senators

Wendy Norris and Sandra Fish contributed to this report.

How successful is your state senator at getting his or her bills through the legislature? After careful calculation, Colorado Confidential presents the 10 most successful senators of the first half of the 2007 legislative session:

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With Democratic majorities in both houses, it’s not surprising that nine of our top 10 senators are Democrats, with Sen. Jack Taylor of Steamboat Springs as the only Republican on the list. These lawmakers made the top 10 for varied reasons, but generally their bills met little opposition and were rarely killed in committee or on the floor.

While the first two senators on our list didn’t have any bills signed by Gov. Ritter as of the cutoff date, all the bills they’d introduced were still moving through the legislature. Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald (D-Jefferson County) leads the pack with an impressive 24 points. Four of the seven bills she introduced had made it through the House and were on the governor’s desk awaiting action. Three of the five House bills she co-sponsored were also OK’d in her own chamber.

Sen. Stephanie Takis (D-Aurora) was close behind Fitz-Gerald with 23.5 points. All seven of Takis’ bills made it through committee in the Senate, and six of those had passed the Senate floor by mid-session. Yet Takis’ bills aren’t very controversial

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