Live Blogging From CNRHA Meeting With Speaker Scott McInnis

Some people ask McInnis questions about water and energy. Nothing too exciting here.

And that’s it. Cisneros says he’s sorry McInnis isn’t going to be their candidate.

McInnis’ closing comment: “My favorite hobby is the Spanish.”

An attendee says they need more Hispanic candidates. If they’d ran a Hispanic candidate against Perlmutter, they would have won CD-7.

McInnis: You need to start grooming young Hispanics to run for office.

Another attendee: “If Republicans want to get the Hispanic community involved, they’re going to put their money where their mouth is.” Says GOP candidates need to put more Hispanics on their staffs.

McInnis cannot answer a question without talking about how much he loves Pueblo and how much Puebloans (?) love him.

McInnis’ message for Udall: No matter how hard he scrubs, no matter how many showers he takes, he’s still from Boulder.

A 14-year Senate commitment wouldn’t let him spend any time with any possible future grandchildren.

There are only three women here – seems a bit strange.

Someone is asking McInnis a question: How do we get Wadhams to pay attention to us?

McInnis: The reason the Democrats were really concerned about my candidacy for Senate was because they were afraid I would pull Hispanic votes out of Pueblo…I am amazed by the lack of candidates that come out of the Hispanic community. 

Says he used to go to constituents’ homes for dinner when he was Congressman. Even though they were wary of him as a Republican, they ended up agreeing about everything.

“A lot of the things that are being advocated by the new Congress, a lot of the things that are being discussed in the state legislature, are moving us towards a socialistic society.”

Democrats are socialists!

Senate race: I’d have to raise too much money…The cost of it, we though we could do it.

“My father told me, if you want to make money, don’t go into politics.”

“Politics is about public service, not money. In my mind, running for the U.S. Senate, it’s a 14-year commitment…”

It sounds like he’s saying being a Senator is too much work and not enough moolah.

McInnis has started his speech. He’s talking about the importance of Hispanic voters for the 2008 elections for Republicans.

“Basically when you talk to people, regardless of their walk of life, their values are the values of the Republican Party.”

Says Democrats are trying to return the country to the days of LBJ…They’re trying to take away our individual freedom!

Iraq: “That’s a tough deal.”

Right now organizer Gil Cisneros is addressing a group of about 26 people eating breakfast, while I look on drooling over the yummy food. Obviously, it was a big mistake not eating myself before I came. It seems to be somewhat of a mixed bag here. Some Hispanic local business leaders, a few GOP activists and several staffers from Sen. Wayne Allard’s office. Maybe they were hoping to schmooze with McInnis?

I’ll be live blogging the monthly meeting of the Colorado Republican National Hispanic Assembly this morning. Fomer Congressman and now-defunct Senate candidate Scott McInnis is scheduled to speak in a short while. The interesting thing, of course,  is that McInnis was a Senate candidate when he was invited to speak. What will he say about it today? Stay tuned…

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