Letter to the Editor

The recent debate over revamping the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission should take into consideration the actions of the current director of the commission, allowing Williams Energy, Presco, Noble and any one else with mineral leases to drill as close as 900 yards to the Rulison nuclear blast site.

This action points out the absurdity of the commission’s decision-making. The members are willing to risk the health of current residents and the health of hundreds of later generations just so a few oilmen can make as much money as they can before legislators wake up and try to put things back in order.

Gas extraction is not a patriotic sacrifice, as some would have you believe. Encana is a Canadian company and now Halliburton is moving offshore.

We hear about some environmental accidents occasionally, but perhaps people would be interested to know that Presco Energy had an occurrence where its drilling rig blew out into an underground lava flow and the drilling fluid resurfaced and leaked hundreds of gallons into Battlement Creek. The company was investigated and fined by an agency that is made up of industry-influenced employees.

Oh, by the way, that leak occurred at the closest well to the nuclear blast site. Battlement Creek flows into the Colorado River so maybe you’ll think of the oil and gas commission the next time you take a drink of water. Enjoy.

Wesley Kent
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