Sen. McElhany’s “Last Press Release Ever”

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On Monday, Jan. 29, Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany sent out an announcement marking the moment of his “last press release ever.”

In what has become standard practice for communications from the Senate Minority Office, there was no indication of who wrote the press release, or any contact information for who to call for additional information. But the release went on to describe how Senate Republicans would officially be communicating with the public from now on.

Keep reading for the full release, and how the exercise has worked so far:

Monday, 29 January, 2007

The Senate Minority Office unveiled its own Web site today in an effort to provide more detailed and timely information to the news media, Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany announced.

The site,, replaces most of the press releases the GOP Senate distributes to broadcast and print media within the Capitol and throughout Colorado.

“I hope this is my last press release ever,” McElhany quipped. “We know that reporters and editors can get overwhelmed

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