Hush, Hush and on the QT: The Wild & Wacky Western Slope

    And Other Bathroom Humor

    Here are a few stories from Hush, Hush that will give you something to talk about for the weekend. Cheers!

    If you are a high school student conducting an experiment for a psychology class, you might want to think twice about burning the American flag in downtown Grand Junction to study public responses.The students were assigned to do something socially abnormal and record people’s reactions. Their teacher had innocently suggested following closely behind someone. The crisping of the Red, White and Blue….well, that idea originated from the two imaginative-but probably not too insightful– students who soon found themselves captured by a security guard and surrounded by angry citizens and the police.

    “Disrespectful and socially unacceptable” witnesses and officers berated the two students. The incident caused quite a roar. However, the pair’s escapades were highlighted in the local media, which makes one wonder: what was the real social lesson here?

    “Pee, Powder and Lobby”
    Women may be taking over the legislature, but their privy privacy is diminishing. Rep. Kathleen Curry (D-Gunnison) noted to a Glenwood Springs Post Independent reporter that lobbying firms are hiring more women so they can follow the female legislators into the Ladies Room. It’s driving the lady legislators absolutely potty.

    Ski Bear
    Spring has sprung early in the Rockies and the bears are coming out of hibernation. This wouldn’t normally be a problem except that a mother bear and her two cubs, who were sleeping the winter off under a lift at Powderhorn Ski Area, woke up before the lifts closed.

    Now that what kind of hazard sign do you make for bears on a ski slope?

    The Tale of Two Cities
    Although city council elections are non-partisan, “everyone” in a small town knows the political affiliation of most council people.

    In Durango’s municipal elections on Tuesday, the incumbent “Republican” city council candidates were booted in favor of the “Democratic” challengers. The campaign was spirited and voter participation, good.

    Now, go north in the heart of Republican land to the Craig city elections. Although the city council deals with a budget of $24 million dollars, apparently few care. Only 13% of the registers voters participated in the election. The numbers are encouraging, though. At the last city election, only 10% voted.

    The Haunting
    Did you know that the Denver Press Club is haunted? Neither did one of the club’s bartenders until the Discovery Channel film crew came in to investigate the strange apparitions felt and seen inside the building.

    “The upstairs hallway by the bathrooms always creeped me out,” the young bartender remarked, “and sure enough, that’s one of the places the ghost investigators said was inhabited by spirits. The basement was another,” he noted.

    Now, Hush, Hush can’t ignore a good ghoulie story of reporters long departed, so a tour of the Denver Press Club at night was in order. A walk around the basement and the lights started to mysteriously flicker. The climb up the back stairway was unexplainably hair raising and tingly. The bartender and ghost busters were right-the spookiest specter was definitely upstairs down the dark “Gene Amole Way” hallway to the bathrooms.

    However, Hush, Hush’s worst scare wasn’t from the peripatetic phantoms of journalists dead and dear-the fright of the night came from walking past the men’s room (always a place for hidden gnomes) …and triggering the motion light.

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