Council Campaign Ads Head to the Web

TV commercials might be out of reach for city council candidates in Denver, but now there’s a cheap alternative to expensive production and advertising time.  In the age of YouTube, it’s all DIY, and local candidates are joining in.

For instance, Marcia Johnson, candidate for District 5, missed a meeting of the Denver Young Dems, and simply made a video addressing the members and posted it on YouTube.

District 7 candidate Chris Nevitt has made a few entertaining campaign videos for You Tube, one of which does double-duty as a reminder to vote in the May 1 all-mail election:

Note: Another Colorado Confidential reporter helped make this videoVisitors to the Web site of Greg Rasheed, candidate for District 8, are greeted by a video message in which Rasheed talks briefly of his experience and spoofs Mayor Hickenlooper’s infamous jump out of a plane.

It’s not just candidates who are taking part in the video dialogue – elections watchers and enthusiasts are posting videos, too.

One YouTube user seems to have recorded nearly every city council candidate appearance and forum. You can find his videos here.

And former Denver Elections Commissioner Jan Tyler is posting a series of videos in which she discusses her views on election neutrality. Here’s one on all-mail elections:

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